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Take Action...

Live a Healthy Life

Did you know that screening for cancer decreased by as much as 94% during the worst periods of the COVID-19 pandemic and remains down by as much as 25% from historical averages?  Delays in cancer diagnosis and treatment have been linked with worse health outcomes.


That is why we are helping Set the Screen with the American Cancer Society and Coaches vs. Cancer.


Talk to a doctor about which screening tests are right for you.


  • Age 25+ Cervical screening

  • Age 45+ Colorectal & breast screening

  • Age 50+ Discuss lung & prostate screening with doctor 


In addition, staying fit and eating healthy can help reduce your cancer risk. To help stay healthy, the American Cancer Society is hosting a national step tracking challenge. Join CEOs and executives around the country as they step up at work, inspiring thousands of colleagues to get active in the fight against cancer through the 1 Day CEO Step Challenge and 3 Week Employee Challenge.

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